Friday, 2 December 2011

That Time of Year

Although it seems impossible, it is that time of year again. This is when students hunker down in their bedrooms, the library or the well-lit corner of the cafeteria to go about their business. In my opinion this is the worst time of year to be a student. You guessed it. EXAM TIME!

While we are all overwhelmed by the stacks of books and piles of papers we have acquired in order to prepare for this week, I have had some time to reflect on my experiences. This is the first time I have added reflection to part of my studying regime and to be honest, I am glad.

I looked back and remembered all the fun we have had in the classrooms this past semester.  I connected each story to a lesson I had learned in class. Oddly enough this helped build my confidence and helped me to remember important concepts as well.  I easily remembered things like strategic alliances as taught by Kip Tuckwell and the value of powerful presenting skills lead by Jackie St Pierre.

I have also taken the time to reflect on who I have become as a person. I can see how much I have grown, changed and how the people around me have made an impact on my life. A perfect example of this is when Kathy Patterson handed me a magazine in class this week. It highlighted the top ten media companies of 2011. Kathy suggested that I find one I liked and she would help me get in touch with them.

How amazing is that? I had made an impact as well. I was showing my potential and the people around me could see that I had something to offer. Not only am I leaving this year with new knowledge, friends and an amazing social media profile I am heading into my future with confidence and positive outlook. With a little less than 3 years of school left to go I have learned that the possibilities are endless.

Watch out world - I am coming for yah! But for now, it’s back to the books.

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