Monday, 12 December 2011

The Gift Of Sight

Well it is that time of year again – Christmas! The time of year when we all gather around our trees, surrounded by gifts and smiling faces.  It is the time of year where we reflect on all the blessings of the year gone by.

This year in particular, I have something to be very thankful for. This year I was blessed and given the gift of sight. A miracle? Well, yes and no. No because this didn’t just happen over night. My parents helped me out financially so I could have this elective surgery. But it is also a bit of a miracle because technology has come so far that we can now correct vision with the use of a laser!

On December 10th I decided to undergo laser eye surgery - Advanced Custom Wavefront provided by LASIK MD. I had my free consultation in Kingston, Ontario and the surgery was performed in Ottawa.  My stay was above satisfactory – they did everything from answer all my questions about the procedure to help me put my eye drops in while I was in the waiting room.  Most importantly, they kept me at ease.

On December 09th I was near sighted and used both contact and glasses to help correct my vision. Today only 24 hours after the surgery, I have 20/20 vision! My eyes will be fully healed in three months and my vision can only get better from here.

By now you are probably wondering how this at all connects to my blog theme of marketing and advertising. Well, in my eyes the answer to that is simple. LASIK MD does the traditional forms of advertising such as television and radio but with their strong customer service and positive attitudes the advertising takes care of its self. Word of mouth advertising it’s free, dependable and most importantly powerful.

So what else do I want for Christmas? Actually there is a list. I want to see you smile as you open the gifts I got you; I want to open my eyes and be able to read the clock; oh - and finally - I would like to be able to drive and actually see the road signs before I am on top of them.  Looks like those are all covered.

Thank you Mom & Dad. Thank you LASIK MD and thank you readers. I’ll see you soon.  Literally, I can see you now J

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