Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sharing Thoughts To Expand The Mind

This year I was tasked to perform an informational interview with a person in the community. Just anyone? No, this person needed hold a position in their perspective business that I may be interested in pursuing for my future career.  Now, like most students in my class I was skeptical on the importance of this assignment, but after this experience I can totally see the value.

I was introduced to Shawn Whalen, the Promotional Manager at Bell Media Kingston, through Greg Hinton, the General Manager and family friend.  Shawn was very responsive to my questions / emails and was more than happy to have me join him at the radio station for our interview.  

He started by taking me on a tour of the station; I was introduced to the marketing team, radio personalities, writers and so many more industry professionals. Everyone was very friendly and willing to give me a quick brief about what they did in the station (I felt as if I got many mini-interviews on this tour).  We then sat down in Shawn’s office where he answered my questions about his education, daily activities, favourite aspects of the job and some general information.

Through this experience I learnt a great deal about being in promotions and working in the radio business.  The connections I made for my personal network will be in valuable for my future and the simple thank you card I sent made a lasting impression.   

Who would have guessed that an informational interview could provide an experience like this? I received a wealth of knowledge and was able to see into the “real world” of business. I hope to stay connected to Shawn via Linked in and email.  He is not a connection that I would want to loose!

I would also like to send out a quick thank you to Shawn, Greg and the rest of the team at the station for donating your time. I truly appreciate you teaching me about your careers and allowing me into your place of work. You’re the BEST! 

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