Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How To Create Amazing AdWords

Have you ever wondered how to create amazing Google AdWord campaigns? Well, here is a relatively simple template that you can follow for almost any business. These steps will help you define your target set, a goal and create dynamic ads to reach your target! I used Farm Girl Food (a local Kingston gourmet food truck) as my model for these work sheets to use as an example.

WORKSHEET 1: Organizing your Account

Step 1: Design your advertising plan by answering some questions about business needs

What do you offer?

Gourmet locally-sourced comfort food

Who do you want to target? (in Kingston and the surrounding area)

- Young business professionals
- Queen’s students
- Sustainable food activists

What's your budget?

$5 per day > $35 per week > $140 per month

Step 2: List campaign goal (which can be used as your campaign name)

Campaign Goal:

Increase Lunch Sales

Step 3: Create at least three ad groups for your campaign (optional)

A delicious Farm Girl Meal Arancini di Riso

WORKSHEET 2: Picking the Right Keywords

Step 1: Expand - list keywords that relate to both your business and campaign goal. Use the keyword Tool for ideas.

Kingston, Gourmet, Gourmet Food, Dinner, Lunch, Food Porn, Small Business, Food Truck, Comfort Food, Lunch Time, Seasonal, Local Food, Fresh Food, Farm Girl, Seasonal Food, Downtown Kingston, Home Made Food, Cheap Lunch, Gourmet Food Truck, Kingston Menu, Kingston Lunch, 

Kingston Local, Kingston Dinner, 
High Quality Food, Catering, Sustainable  

Step 2: Group - separate keywords into ad groups by common theme

Theme 1:                                      Theme 2:                                                Theme 3:

- Local food                                - Gourmet                                               - Kingston

- Kingston Local                         - Gourmet food                                      - Small Business
- Sustainable                              - Gourmet food truck                              - Downtown Kingston
- Catering                                   - Comfort food                                        - Kingston menu
- Lunch                                       - Fresh food                                           - Kingston lunch
- Dinner                                      - Local food                                            - Kingston local
                                                   - Homemade food                                  - Kingston dinner
                                                   - High quality food

Step 3: Refine - cut out any irrelevant, unclear, generic or too-specific keywords from the list above.

Food Porn, Food Truck, Lunch Time, Seasonal, Seasonal Food, Cheap Lunch, Sustainable

WORKSHEET 3: Write Targeted Ad Copy

In this section Google AdWords has you create 3 sample ads for each Ad Group! However, I've simply included a few examples along with the breakdown of how Google formats your targeted ads.

Google Ads consist of 3 parts:

1. Headline - A 25-character headline

2. Description - You get 2 lines of 35 characters each to describe what you have to offer
3. URL -

My Examples:

Private Catered Lunch

Meeting with the boss over lunch?
Contact us for a private catering

Local Gourmet Food Truck

A fresh, homemade comfort food menu
Come visit us today!

Kingston’s Hot Lunch Spot

Homemade, locally sourced menu options
Join us today!

Let me know what you think about this model and if it benefited you on your AdWord journey!
See you all later this week with a new post.

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  1. Hi Hollie, is Google Adwords free? Or how much it will cost if it's not free? Thanks, Ivy