Sunday, 20 October 2013

Rethink Your Social Media Marketing

This week was full of information! Not only did I get to attend Pivot Con (a Conference held in New York City) but also I was able to sit in on the Social Media Success Seminar held online. One of my favourite Keynotes was held by Jay Baer. His topic was “Why You Need to Rethink Your Social Media Marketing”.

From the very beginning Baer points out the main reason for using social media – it is not to obtain new customers but it is primarily about building customer loyalty. And when you really think about it, that makes total sense. Who among us follows someone or something on Facebook that we haven’t already been introduced too? The things we “like” we have already built a relationship with and are seeking a way to stay better connected.

Following that discussion Baer moved onto this quote “Do less social media, but do more with the social media that you’re doing”. It seems like such a simple concept but honestly it makes sense. The point of social media is not to repeat the same message over and over again on different platforms – that is how you loose engagement. The point is to develop a strategy for each platform individually in order to keep the content fresh and consumers interested. If your customers are already “loyal” than they are gaining nothing from hearing the same message on multiple platforms. Below is a list of questions that you must ask yourself when creating different social platforms. If you cannot talk yourself out of doing a social media platform using these questions – its probably a good idea.

• Who is the audience for us on this channel?
• What can we provide them that they will find interesting and useful?
• Where will the content for this channel come from?
• Who is going to take care of this thing?
• When will this channel be updated and by whom?
• Why are we spending even one minute or even one dollar on this channel?
• How do we justify this?

Baer challenges all of us to rethink how we are using our social media platforms for business. He asks us to "give it a shot" and really challenge ourselves to create different content for each platform. By doing this we can move strangers to friends and friends to loyal customers - which as he mentioned above is the ultimate goal of social media.

Overall I loved Baer’s voice throughout his speech. He is very blunt, real and almost cynical which ultimately kept my interest during his lecture. He is clearly knowledgeable about this topic, which only added to his over all presentation. I would not only be willing to sit in on another one of his speeches but I want to. I strongly believe you need to learn from the best in order to be successful and Baer meets that mark.

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